Aging is inevitable, but some studies suggest the effects of again can be reversed or slowed. In simple terms, aging is defined as the process of becoming older, which involves a number of biological mechanisms that lead to deterioration of health – both cognitive and physical – over time. Increasingly, studies have focused on strategies that could combat aging at its core – the cellular processes that contribute to age-related diseases and changes in our physical appearance as we become older.

Kimberly Feagens: “Methylation is a process in the body that controls the replication of DNA, the aging process of each individual cell, ultimately can play a role in the development, or lack thereof, of chronic disease. Methylation includes looking at your inherited gene expressions (passed down directly from your parents) and how they fit into a methylation roadmap. This, along with your raw data from sources like AncestryDNA, helps us to determine your current and potential genetic health and expression.” I work to uncover distinct health care risks, as well as the optimal nutrients, lifestyle, and diet for your unique needs. Source