About Me

Kimberly Feagans, BA, CKP, CWK

Kimberly Feagans is the owner of In Sync Health & Design, LLC. After healing herself of several life-threatening conditions, with the help of Kinesiology and several natural and integrative practitioners, she knew it was her destiny to help others on their path to total wellness. She is a Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist & Certified Kinesionics Practitioner with advanced training in Epigenetics and Methylation. 

What We Do

In the spirit of Natural Medicine, the primary goal of In Sync Health & Design, LLC. is to provide our clients with a broader understanding of true health and a lasting sense of excellent well-being. Through the use of Wholistic Kinesiology, we can balance the body so that it can return to excellent health, energy, and emotional strength. It stands apart from any other type of health technology largely due to its use of revolutionary muscle testing.


Laura T.

“Years ago I witnessed Kimberly heal from an extreme health condition in which her body was actually attacking itself with huge, festering sores. Traditional doctors told her there was no cure, but she found one with the help of Wholistic Kinesiology. Her healing inspired her to learn and excel at the method and help others and it has been inspiring to watch. I am very impressed with her ability to work on a variety of health problems and zero in on what’s happening in the body. She has an innate sense of what is out of balance and utilizes a variety of techniques to uncover the issue, create a protocol, and formulate a plan for healing. She is a patient listener, empathetic, and provides a feeling of comfort to her clients. I highly recommend her for anyone who is struggling with a health issue, no matter what the issue or how severe. She has helped both me and my son thrive.”

Brenda P. DOM

I have used Kinesiology for several years as a tool to enhance wellness. Kimberly’s thorough and detailed approach, combined with her knowledge of nutrition and ability to decode the methylation process, elevates her technique to a level I’ve not experienced with any other practitioner.

George Anna Mallory

I was skeptical of Kinesiology but I was desperate for relief.  I came to Kimberly unable to eat anything without the fear of becoming very ill.  My weight was bouncing 10 lbs in a week and I had very low energy.  Within 2 months I was able to eat almost anything. Now I have been using Kinesiology for a year. My weight is stable and my energy level is much better. I feel better than I have in recent memory. I don’t think I am overstating the results by saying Kimberly saved my life.

Vicky B.

Thought I’d take a moment to say THANK YOU for everything you are doing from me. Day by day I am feeling better.

Angela Love, Health Care Practitioner

Kim is an amazing practitioner. Her touch is very light and sensitive and this allows her to tune into your body at a much deeper level. I saw Kim for Methylation to help balance my hormones. It worked so well that my irregular cycles became regular and my hormone symptoms disappeared. I had more energy and I felt happier on a daily basis. Her technique is truly remarkable and I have referred several patients to her who have had just as good of results. One of her greatest gifts as a healer is that she is willing to individualize every session. She understands that every person has their own level of sensitivity and she is willing to accommodate that. I have no doubt that any client of hers in the future will benefit greatly from the loving care she provides. 

Sandy C.

After only one session with Kimberly I had an incredible increase in my energy level for an entire week. It seemed as if I achieved more in that week than I had in the previous month combined. I will definitely be back on a regular basis!

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Don’t just cover up your symptoms; get the core of your health challenges today! Wholistic Kinesiology paired with personalized Methylation Analysis equals cutting edge health and healing on a genetic level. Let us help you find a natural solution to your health issues. Contact us today! 

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